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If you have hundreds of thousands of employees Able IBM Payroll has the solution for you. Together with IBM DB2 and Websphere or Tomcat our package supports an unlimited number of employees. This means you can run the payroll through in-house client server technology and at the same time you can run the payroll from anywhere using dedicated server hosting. It runs on all known browsers.

You can run this Intranet / Internet package on a Linux platform or a Windows platform with IBM DB2 as the back end. In addition, because the program is written in Java you can run it on Sun Solaris.

Your employees can sign in through the Internet or an in-house client server network to update their address, telephone number or timesheet. On top they can view or print their current or previous 6 years payslips by simply clicking their mouse from their own desktop or from anywhere in the world through the Internet.

We have a comprehensive E-Filing system for submissions to the HM Revenue & Customs. Day to day auto tax code updates, tax credit updates and student loan updates are all implemented using DPS technology. Global tax code changes are simply done with a click of the mouse. The technology we adopt is all based on the latest state of the art XML technology with W3C Open Standard.

The security this package uses is the same as in-house client server technology, combined with the banking industries state of the art secure technology, SSL.

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