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Multi-office / Multi-site Payroll

Multi-office / Multi-site Payroll

Giving Payroll Manager more Options An inbuilt auto enrolment functionality is an added feature of Able multisite payroll.This allows you to complete your AE process in parallel with completing each pay run.

The uniqueness of Able's multi-office or multi-site payroll system is that it provides the head office Payroll Manager with the option to selectively request that any branch office or line manager or any unit enters their respective time sheets and expenses directly into the payroll system over the Internet.

The head office payroll staff will only need to approve or adjust any data entered to complete the final pay run process, thus saving the payroll staff from duplicating the data entries.


Once the final payrun is completed at the head office, payslips can instantly be printed in the usual way either at the head office or at the branch offices for distribution to the employees.

The employees concerned can also log on over the Internet to view and print their own payslips and amend their own personal data (except bank details) in the same way, like an Internet bank account.

The above participative functions are not mandatory, they are all at the sole discretion of the payroll manager. Participation can be partial or full. The system supports an unlimited number of branches or sub-departments or units in any location, with any geographical spread.

Inbuilt Automatic Enrolment Functionality: Able's multisite payroll offers you a payroll with an inbuilt auto enrolment solution where you can get free from tiresome, expensive and time consuming AE processing.It performs an end to end AE process from employee assessment, pension scheme enrolment, pension contribution calculation, contribution submission to various pension providers and employee communication.

AE postponement, employee opt in and opt out, are all featured in the Able's multisite payroll package.

Flexibility to Payroll Staff: The head office payroll staff can administrate the normal pay run update or final pay run securely from their home, office or even abroad at anytime. This gives payroll staff more flexibility in completing their tasks and cut down unnecessary travel.

Another function which can be selectively implemented is SMS payslips for the benefit of those employees who are on the move.

All done Electronically and Auto Tax Code Updates: The Able system links directly to the HMRC server 24 x 7 allowing your new joiner or leaver details to be e-filed instantly. Similarly any P6, P9, SL1 and SL2 notices will be automatically updated through our DPS system. All are done through our advanced XML electronic exchange system.

Final Submission for Tax year(FSY)are also simple: At the end of the tax year your data will be auto-compiled in various FSY reports for your final approval. Once approved by you, and within minutes of pressing the button, it will be e-filed to HMRC for you.

RTI eReturns: At the end of each pay run the relevant RTI forms to be e-filed will be automatically compiled ready for you to view, approve and e-file. With just a few clicks of the mouse your returns will be completed. The range of RTI returns include FPS, EPS, NVR and EYU.

BACS Payment: The system supports all the UK major BACS standards as implemented by various banks to make it easy for you to pay your employees at the end of the week or month.

Pension Reports: In addition to the routine comprehensive reports, the system further provides all the pension reports in CSV files ready for you to export. You can create further reports based on the exported data in an Excel file.PAPDIS data output format is also available on AE Exchange for any pension providers who support this industrial standard.

Excellent Quality & Stability: This HMRC RTI PAYE recognised package was developed by the company chairman Mr John Knight, FCA Chartered Accountant, together with a dedicated team over the last 11 years. The payroll package has been put through more than 1,000 different accuracy and e-filing tests set by the HMRC. It passed them all without a penny deviation. The package is rock solid and reliable.

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