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Able Internet Pay Bureau

Internet Pay Bureau

Able Internet Payroll was the first cloud based payroll company to gain HMRC RTI PAYE recognition since the HMRC scheme started 12 years ago. It is also the first payroll package with inbuilt AE functions. This allows you to complete both your payroll and AE at the same time, comprehensively, without needing separate costly middleware for AE.

Able Internet Payroll's Bureau Package enables you to instantly upgrade your pay bureau to a 100% Internet based service. Your staff and clients can now log on to your own bureau website to enter their time-sheets and process their payroll, AE, P11D and CIS 300 from their office, their home, or from abroad, so long as they have an Internet connection.

Unlike other payroll packages , Able internet Pay bureau provides you with wide range of services such as Payroll, Auto Enrolment, P11D and CIS 300 processing & CIS Validation,all in one package. All documents that can be e-filed or downloaded to and from the HMRC are included in the price. All 3 services are offered to you for the price of one.

All the pay and auto enrolment pension calculations fully comply with the HMRC and TPR Quality Standards.They have been put through more than 1000 different Payroll, AE, P11D and CIS 300 accuracy and e-filing tests set by HMRC and they passed them all without a single penny deviation. The system has adopted 128 bit SSL secure connection technology, similar to banks secured access systems, to ensure your encrypted data is securely transmitted.

The key features are:-

Combined payroll and auto enrolment in one process:
The key features of the Able payroll package is that the AE process is built within the usual periodical pay run process. It performs an end to end AE process from employee assessment, pension scheme enrolment, pension contribution calculation, contribution submission to various pension providers and employee communication.AE postponement, employee opt in and opt out, are all featured in the Able's Pay Bureau package.Able's Pay bureau package supports all the major pension providers of UK.

RTI eReturns: At the end of each pay run the relevant RTI forms to be e-filed will be automatically compiled ready for you to view, approve and e-file to HMRC. With just a few clicks of the mouse your returns will be completed. The range of RTI returns include FPS, EPS and NVR.

Your own payroll bureau website: You will have your own bureau website with your own name on it. Your clients, employees of your clients, your staff and yourself can all log on to this website to enter time-sheets, P11D and CIS 300 data, view/print Payslips, P11D(b) and CIS payments and deductions, etc. This is truly Bureau via Internet.

Clients Self Entry of Time-sheets: Clients can log on and enter their time-sheet data directly into the system. This saves you from repeating the data entries. All you need to do is check the data entered by the clients and do the final year to date update.

Clients Auto Approval of Data: Once the client presses the Submit Timesheet button, the client will instantly see the calculated gross pay, net pay, PAYE tax and NI, P11D results and CIS 300 payment and deduction etc, values for approval.

Client Self Service Printing: Clients can print their own current and previous Payslips, P60, CIS 300 and Payments and Deductions, etc.

Employee Self Service: Employees of clients can also log on to view and print their own current and previous Payslips, P60s, approve P11D benefits, update their own personal data, etc.

Payroll, P11D and CIS Services: Payroll, P11D and CIS can all be done with one log in. A shared database saves you from repeating your data entries.

Auto-Tax Code Updates: The package is permanently linked to the HMRC server. With a couple of clicks of the mouse, any tax code changes from P6 or P9 notices can be automatically updated to your clients' respective employee records and instantly reflected in the pay calculation on the relevant date. Our DPS system, which is solidly linked to the HMRC server, allows your data to be automatically dated. This will save you data entry time and effort, and cuts data entry errors.

E-filing of RTI, FPS, EPS, NVR, CIS 300, CIS Verifications, P11D and others: The system has an inbuilt user friendly auto e-filing system. The data due for e-filing is auto-compiled. Once you have approved the data in the respective documents, with just one click your documents will be e-filed to the HMRC.

Auto consolidation of Monthly/Quarterly P32 Returns to the HMRC: The PAYE amount an employer needs to pay to the HMRC each month or each quarter is automatically and dynamically consolidated. This amount is usually reflected in your P32. You can view the P32 at any time. The amount payable to the HMRC is also linked to the optional ePayment facility. Should any employee's pay details be amended, our relational database management system will dynamically update the latest P32 data.

Auto compiling of Final Submission for Tax year(FSY) Returns: With just a click on a button you can submit your FSY reports via FPS or EPS. Our powerful relational database management system will compile the whole year's data and display it. You are able to make a final check of the data before you continue on to e-file.

Auto Comprehensive P11 Reports and Pay Summary: Once your payroll is processed, your pay figures will be automatically posted to the individual employee's P11 report, as well as the Pay Summary section. With just one click you can view a break down of the employee's earning details and Year to Date values.

Client Sign In Account: Clients can easily add joiners and administrate leavers over the Internet. This will save you from repeating the data entry or data importing.

Pension Reports: In addition to the routine comprehensive reports, the system further provides all the pension data in CSV files ready for you to export. You can create further reports based on the exported data in an Excel file.PAPDIS data output format is also available on AE Exchange for any pension providers who support this industrial standard.

Data Export: Key data, such as Cost to the Employer reports, have been converted into CSV files ready for you to export.

Consolidated Clients Management Reports: All client activities are consolidated in a report which you can use for management purposes. For example, it will show you whether clients' time-sheets have been submitted,the number of employees the client has, etc.

Note: We are able to automate the above mentioned reports because we have adopted a powerful relational database management system which is usually only used in mainframe computer systems. This gives you access to a powerful system for only a fraction of the actual cost.